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Everyone has a favorite celebrity. Whether it’s Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry etc the list goes on. A wish that many of us have is to somehow talk to our favorite celebritys. Wouldn’t it be great telling Miley Cyrus how your day was and asking her for advice, Or asking Justin Beiber questions that you’ve always wanted to know about him or simply just chatting. We could do this easily if we had their phone numbers.
Unfortunately very few celebrity’s post their real phone numbers publicly. Many of them do not do this because they would be bombarded by fan texts and phone calls. They would love to talk to their fans but they don’t want it over done. Does this mean we can’t talk to our favorite celebrity’s? No it doesn’t. There are ways to talk to your favorite celebrity’s!

#1. Official Fan Phone Lines
Many celebrity’s have official fan phone lines. These are numbers that are posted publicly and people can call in. These fan phone lines are not operated by the actual celebrity, It is run by ┬átheir agents. When you call in you can leave a message for the celebrity and maybe the agents will send these messages on to your favorite celebrity’s. It is not completely clear as to how these fan phone lines operate, Some celebrity’s might occasionally pop by and talk to their fans who knows!

#2. Fan Mail
This is probably the most popular and widely used method of getting in contact with your favorite celebrity’s. Sending fan mail is a great way to talk to celebrity’s. You can put anything you want in the message and the best part is you can be as creative as you want. The more creative you are the more chances you will get a reply. Celebrity’s love heartfelt messages with alot of emotion. So be creative and pour your heart out!

#3. Live Video Chats
This method is one of the more interesting ones because of the infamous Arianna Grande Live Chat where her friend Janette MCcurdy mistakingly gave out Arianna’s phone number live while they were doing a fan video chat. Things like this do happen and for those who were lucky enough to call Arianna minutes later they got to actually tak to her. Tune into celeb live chats and instead of waiting for them to accidentally give it out you can send them a message requesting their phone number.
”Hello i am a huge fan and would like to talk to you please call me at 123-Sesame Street”

#4. Celebrity Friends
Every celebrity has a un-celebrity friend. If you can somehow get in contact with these friends you can tell them your story of how you are a huge fan and would like to talk to your favorite celebrity’s. They might understand your situation and be sympathetic and give you the celebrity’s number. You have to be really pursuasive though.